Fitness testing is a very important procedure for people who are seriously engaged into fitness activity and/or just for those who want to make sure that everything is in norm. Commonly the following parameters are checked: body fat, circumference, strength test, blood pressure, Heart rate, and target heart rate. For people who are involved into regular exercising it important to know not only one-time results of fitness testing, but also to monitor changes in the results comparing these with the previous ones.

Fitness testing can be divided into two directions: health-related fitness and skilled-related fitness. To health-related fitness we refer body composition (height, weight, body mass index), aerobic capacity (e.g., treadmill stress test), flexibility (sit and reach, shoulder stretch, etc.), muscular endurance and muscular strength. To skilled-related fitness we refer agility, balance, anaerobic power and those specific motor skills. All of these testings and each of them taken separately should be conducted by and under control of a professional. Otherwise they are useless. Only specially trained person is able to evaluate the results of tests, and suggest what to do in order to improve them and don’t cause any damages to your health. Fitness testing results and professional advice are your road map for healthy and better life.

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